Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If you are looking for some great VFX reading, Cinefex is a great source for an insight into industry work flow. Now keep in mind this material is not in tutorial or lesson based format of any kind, however, its still a great glimpse into how things are done on a major motion picture production and each article is very detailed in explaining just how industry artists approach and complete some
of the most challenging and amazing sequences we see in films today. The magazine is a quarterly release so only a few issues a year but each issue is packed with awesome articles, behind the scenes photos and interviews with industry pros, really gets me motivated! Now I live in SoCal, so I get my copies at my local Barnes&Noble($12.95 + tax), however, the issues are available online through their website, www.Cinefex.com, they also offer subscriptions and digital issues. You may be familiar with this publication already but if not it is definitely worth a look, I have been a subscriber for some time and I greatly enjoy it...

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